The Timberjack Lodge

The Timberjack Lodge has been the one and only motel in the Hayfork valley since the 1940's. Renovations of all 12 rooms was completed the spring of 2015. The building is painted with rustic forest greens and browns with a redwood deck along the front looking west, where you can enjoy a sunset over the oak pastures.

The journey to the Hayfork Valley is on scenic highways thru rugged yet majestic mountains. The historic town of Hayfork is only minutes away, rich with history in the mining and logging industries and is an authentic reminder of simpler times. Be sure to check out our historical photos of the area hanging in our lobby. There are plenty of outdoor activities year round including camping, hiking, cycling, swimming, fishing and hunting. Winding country backroads offer hundreds of miles to explore by foot, horseback, snowshoe, ski or tire. Don't forget the stargazing with more stars than you thought could be seen. You can see a shooting star every night if you're looking.

Hayfork also has a year-round calender of events, including the County Fair, Speedway Racing, Farmer's Markets, Barbeque Competitions and Music Events. Check out our THINGS TO DO page for a current list.


We would like to thank the good people of Hayfork Valley who offered their support, time and talents to the challenging task of creating the Timberjack Lodge. This truly felt like a community project. To all those who helped, wanting nothing more than for Hayfork to have a nice motel, thank you. Your countless contributions made the renovation a success. We are committed to making the Timberjack Lodge great and we are excited to be part of something that has meant so much to so many people.

Thanks again for all your support!
Jim, Caryn, Suzy, Courtney, Craig and Fred


To my great friends Mike McNeil, Ramblin' Rob, Travis Morgan, Nick & Kathy, Betty Markowicz, Teddy Handy, Romen & Anthony.... Thank you for all your help on this one and for your many years of support and friendship.

It could NOT have been done without you!

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